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Ann Sophie Lindström´s work establishes an intimate insight on the people and places she documents. Her stories focus on unusual communities of people who are mostly ignored in society and who create a kind of substitute family for each other.

In her corporate assignments Ann Sophie creates the a bond with the photographed person, makes them feel comfortable and manages to capture unique moments.


Take pictures not make pictures.

Ann Sophie's work is very spontaneous. Even if she does a location check up front and has a vision, it almost never turns out that way. She reacts to the moment, the light, the person. She prefers to use ambient light. If you want to work with her you need to trust the process.

The relationship with animals often plays a central role in Lindström’s work as well as in her everyday life.

I tell stories in pictures & capture unique moments


Services & skills

Photography & Videography

Reportage, Portraits, Corporate, Editorial, Events both corporate and private, Weddings, Animals

Nikon, Profoto
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Bridge, Final Cut X,

​Ann Sophie has a van and can work and live remotly.

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